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"The students from The Young PRO SCHOOL OF ACTING show great promise and enthusiasm, and it's workshops like these that refresh my excitement for the future of the industry."

who we are & what we do

For children and teenagers that want to learn to act to an exceptional standard. 

Every class is entirely acting based. Focusing completely on acting, rather than including other disciplines such as singing and dance. This has enabled our students to explore acting fully and reach a professional standard in a short time.

Accessible to children and young people from different backgrounds, locations and levels of experience.

A school that truly cares about each individual, their self-confidence and personal goals.

Relevant and current to the acting industry.

Multiple industry workshops included every term to explore different skills in acting.

Industry workshops only led by professional actors, directors, casting directors and the best acting coaches in the country.


"An exceptionally professional acting class for kids."

Founder & Director

Acting classes london teens

Lily Driver-Thurston, founder and core coach at The Young Pro School of Acting trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in Acting. Following drama school, Lily created her own theatre company, where she wrote, directed, and cast plays across London theatres. Lily worked professionally for several years. Credits include, roles at the Kings Head Theatre and feature film ‘Through a Dark Mirror.’ Lily went on to production manage plays with Peracals Productions and then worked as Head of Marketing within the same company. Alongside, the years of working in the film and theatre industry, she was teaching acting consistently to children and teens of all ages.

Above all, Lily is passionate about empowering young people to develop their self-confidence and achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Lily believes in the power of acting training and its positive impact on transferrable life skills, confident that any child can learn to act with excellent training and guidance.

"I was so grateful to find Lily’s classes. He really enjoys meeting up with the other participants each week and the ongoing communication from Lily is outstanding."


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