I always wanted to act. I was fortunate enough to attend several performing arts classes when I was a child, but I was (and am!) particularly passionate about acting, however, there only seemed to be musical theatre classes available. I didn’t get the training I really wanted until I started drama school when I was almost 18!

Creating a high-quality, thorough, professional acting school for under 18’s has been a developing idea of mine for most of my life.

I am incredibly passionate about the benefits of acting training. Anyone who has studied performance will speak of its life long positive impact, professionally and socially. 


Confidence, social abilities, public speaking, leadership skills and countless more traits that are developed in acting class, but are utilised for life. 


Using a blend of my extensive teaching experience and performance work, I have developed a professional, high-quality weekly acting class that is perfect for children who want to study acting a little more seriously, and push themselves a little bit further. 

Lily Driver-Thurston

Founder & Core Acting Coach

Lily trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and studied acting. Shortly after leaving drama school she founded her own theatre company - Instinct Theatre, where she wrote, produced and acted in her own plays. (She jokes that she created the company just to give herself roles, but she caught the entrepreneurial bug!) To help fund her plays, Lily and her business partner hand-made Christmas wreaths and sold them door to door every December. One year she raised £1000.

Lily decided to give up the production company in 2017 when she had given 3 years to the theatre world - marketing, writing, acting and producing. She felt the need for more stability. She used her producing skills to produce a play at the King's Head Theatre in Islington for Peracals Productions- a young film and theatre production company. Lily was made Head of Theatre at Peracals, but was already developing the branding and digital marketing landscape for the whole company.

Alongside her career adventures, Lily was always teaching and working with children. Beginning private acting and singing coaching in 2013, she built up her client base before beginning to teach at various Stage Coach branches. Lily taught drama and singing in a variety of settings, as well as directing large shows for summer holiday workshops, and presenting at primary schools as a trained safe guarding volunteer from NSPCC.

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