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Win a free term
at YPS

We have never done anything like this! But we want to see who is brave enough to take part and really put themselves out there. 

The challenge: Rehearse and film yourself performing the monologue below. Post it to Instagram or Facebook and include tags : @ypsofacting & #ypsofacting & #ypscomp. Lastly DM or email your video through to us so we can follow you and check it out!


We will select our favourite to join us for free for 10 weeks in our Surrey school on Thursdays or online - depending on where you live. 

Deadline: 22nd September 2021

Announcement: 23rd September 2021 

This competition is only for ages 10 - 17, for those that have NOT previously had classes with YPS.

Have you got what it takes?

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The Monologue

You don’t know what its like going deaf. You don’t. I just keep thinking to myself, am

I different? Am I different? Am I turning into somebody different? I’m becoming a

miserable person.


I feel like I’m losing my personality, I can’t even be ironic anymore

and I love being ironic. I feel stupid when I lose something in the house, I have to put

my hearing aid on to look for it.


I have these dreams when I’m talking on the phone again and I can hear perfectly. It’s all so clear. I don’t know who I am anymore. I am going deaf.


-Deadline : 22nd September at midnight. 
-ONE winner will be announced on the 23rd September 2021.

-Only for NON-YPS students.

-If you live within a 6 mile radius to our 'in person' classes, you may be asked to attend those instead of online. 

-Performance will not be counted without listed hashtags and tags. 

-The awarded term is for this term only | Sep - Dec 2021 and cannot be postponed.

-Only for ages 10 - 17.