Auditions at YPS: 

the process


Are you applying to the Surrey classes or Online classes? Head to that page and click on 'apply'. 

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3. Audition day

Each participant will first take part in a group audition. This is usually a warm up and a few group acting exercises. This is for you to check us out as well! (This step is skipped for online auditions for online classes.)

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2. Receive speeches.

Begin rehearsal!

Within 24 hours you should hear from us. (Please check your spam regularly!) We will you usually call you for a quick chat, then send you an email with a selection of monologues. You must select and prepare one. Read our audition checklist blog!

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4. Individual audition

Everyone will then be asked to perform their monologue. This is in front of a panel of 2/3 YPS teachers, not other auditionees. 

After you have performed your monologue, you may be asked to try it another way. (TIP: practice your monologue in front of family & friends as many different ways as possible.) 

Following this you may be asked a few questions about your previous experience, favourite show/play, your choice of speech. 

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Frequently asked Questions:

1. I want to do the online classes. Will the audition be online? 

Yes! The process is exactly the same, but without the group audition. But you will still be send a choice of monologue, and a panel will see it and may redirect you. With a few questions to finish. 

2. Do I have to audition for the holiday short courses? 

Mostly no. There may be the occasional that we might require an audition. However, we like to keep our holiday courses open to all! This will be mentioned on the Holiday Courses page. 

3. Do I need previous experience to audition for any of the classes?

No. Many of our students don't have any or very little experience. We are looking for passion and a good work-ethic. 

4. Do I need to learn my monologue? 

We strongly recommend you learn your monologue off by heart. This way you can focus on the character, rather than your lines.

5. How much is the audition? 

Free of charge.