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Parent/YPS chat

After we receive your application, we usually give the parent/guardian a call to chat about the applicant and any experience they have. (It's fine if you don't have any previous acting experience!)

Following the phone call, we will send you a choice of monologues to choose from with the full audition details and an individual time slot. 


Get rehearsing

We will send you a selection of monologues to choose from. Your job is to rehearse this monologue to the best of your ability. We do not expect you to learn it, however, we do think its important that you have thought about the character, what they are thinking about, who they are talking to, where are they and how are they feeling. 

Top Tip: We recommend that you rehearse your speech in full at least 15 times. 

If you applied last minute, we take this into consideration. 


Audition Day

Whether you are auditioning in person or online, it is the same.

You will perform your speech to Lily (Director) and usually one other acting coach. They will then give you some small direction or ask you to perform it in a different way

(so this is worth practicing before the audition day). 

Following this, they will ask you some questions. Why you want to join, what you like about acting, which actors you like and why. 

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