Surrey Classes Audition date: Sunday 18th September

North London (Highgate), Jacksons Lane Audition date: Tue 11th Oct 

Central London (Warren St), Old Diorama Arts Centre Audition date: Wed 12th Oct

Your journey starts here...


We are currently running classes in Surrey, will be resuming our online acting training shortly, and will be opening our new classes in Highgate & Central London in November. 

Acting auditions children

3. the performance

You will have received an allocated time for you audition. You will arrive at the studio and perform your chosen speech in front of Lily & two other acting coaches. 

We will then ask you to try your speech in a different way. 

TOP TIP: We are looking to see if you can make a change to how you have rehearsed it.

acting drama school surrey

2. Receive speeches.

Begin rehearsal!

We aim to respond to each application within 24 hours, we will suggest a time to give your parent a call for a five minute chat. 

Following this you will be sent a selection of audition pieces to choose from and the rest of the audition information. 

Time to get rehearsing! 

(Don't worry, if you are applying at late notice and don't have much time for rehearsal, we always bear this in mind!)

acting classes drama school

4. Time for a chat

Once your performance is over, we will have a chat. We want to know why you like acting and why you think YPS is for you. We may ask if you have a favourite film or a favourite actor... 

This is the time to show your personality!  

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