Must applicants have previous acting experience?

No. The Young Pro School of Acting takes children of all levels of experience. But we are looking for passion, dedication and a willing to learn.

What is the audition process?

1. Once you have fillled in the form below, we will get in touch with you with all of the details and a selection of speeches to choose from. 2. You will learn and prepare one. 3. On the day, you will take part in a group audition. A 45 minute session of acting exercises and games. This is for us to see how you work with others AND, more importantly, you get a taster of how we run our classes. 4. You will then have a chance to perform your speech to some friendly acting coaches. 5. You will also have a chance to meet us properly and to ask any questions. Have any questions? Send us an email! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much does YPS cost?

Our weekly classes are once a week, two hours long and run for 11 weeks. This costs £218.90. This price includes all workshops during term time and edited films that the students take home. A uniform t shirt costs £12, this is mandatory if you attend weekly classes. Other merchanise is optional. The Virtual Studio is priced seperately. For YPS students it is usually a reduced price or no charge. Please visit The Virtual Studio for more information.

What is The Virtual Studio?

The Virtual Studio is a term that includes all of our online services. This could be mini challenges for social media, plus group courses and one2one training. We use Zoom and is taught by a collection of YPS coaches and guest coaches. You can sign up for any of these via the JOIN YPS page.

Do I have to audition for The Virtual Studio/online classes?

No, for the classes that are for Guest YPS/Non-members you do not have to audition. But you must sign up and fill in the necessary information.

Can I attend a single workshop if I am not a YPS student?

Unfortunately, we do not offer workshops to non-members. We encourage people to audition and sign up to the weekly classes, all workshops are included in the termly price. HOWEVER, our short courses/holiday workshop weeks are open to all.

How are you managing with Covid-19?

We are a small, young business that is learning to adapt and evolve. We have a community of incredibly supportive students and parents that we are so proud to have. We have developed The Virtual Studio, which is a collection of online classes and courses taught by our coaches that we have used whilst the country is in lockdown. However, when doing in person classes, we regularly sanitise, social distance and have a maximum of 15 per class.

What makes you different to other acting schools?

We know that there are not many choices of performing arts classes that just focus on acting, and we always provide high-quality professional training. But aside from that, we are proud to get to know each of our students. We understand that all children are different, learn differently. We want to work with each child to help them achieve their personal goals, from confidence, to public speaking to audition technique.

I am concerned about my current financial situation...

Many people have been effected by current events and have taken financial cuts. We want students to be able begin classes if they want to, they can be so beneficial and supportive, particuarly through these difficult times. We will be providing payment schemes on request. We want to support our parents and students as much as we are able. If you are a current student or want to apply, please feel free to email us first about what payment schemes there are available.

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