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35 reasons to start acting classes today.

As an actress, an acting teacher, and having been very lucky to have spent all of my childhood in various forms of performing arts training, I feel that I owe everything to those experiences. People often describe actors as confident, social and vivacious. They also manage to land themselves nearly any job due to their impeccable social skills and the fact that they are used to performing under pressure. Of course, some people are fortunate enough to be naturally charismatic, but most often than not, actors are the way they are because of the rigorous, specific training that you really can't get anywhere else. So whether you are 5 or 100, anyone can start acting and better themselves in every possible way.

1. A proven increase in confidence.

2. Working with others improves team- work skills.

3. Studying people and their motivations improves understanding of psychology.

4. Most acting methods include using your own experiences and emotions, leading to a better understanding of oneself.

5. Problem solving and creating with a variety of people improves patience.

6. Taking direction and adjusting accordingly is a valuable skill.

7. Adjusting creative and practical decisions depending on context leads to adaptability.

8. Performance is another form of public speaking.

9. Developing all of these skills from a young age will inevitably lead to maturity.

10. Learning physical acting methods allows one to understand and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

11. Studying a variety of scripts opens up the conversation to many history, political, cultural topics.

12. Performance in front of live audiences or film sets helps the brain to become accustomed to performing under pressure.

13. Learning lines and direction improves memory.

14. Creativity.

15. Creating a character, the context, the situation leads to improvement of imagination.

16. A better understanding of people leads to better empathy.

17. Working towards an end goal, such as a performance or audition can give those competitive edge.

18. Actors and children that study acting often are expected to juggle multiple tasks and do work outside of class, this develops good work ethic.

19. An acting class often contains a variety of people that you must work with creatively and professionally- excellent for social skills.

20. Studying a comedic scripts and style will develop humour.

21. Being in a competitive, creative industry natural develops dedication.

22. As an actor we are trained to commit to the moment and focus on the character, helping us to live in the moment.

23. With your newfound social skills, mingling with others - networking – is easy.

24. Listening to your director, teacher and fellow actors improves listening skills.

25. Investigating characters, scenes and creating authentic situations improves problem solving skills.

26. An actor learns diction, pronunciation, accents, projection allows for perfect verbal communication for life.

27. Regularly studying multiple scripts and reading out loud improves reading skills.

28. Mastering several tasks, practical and creative, whilst listening and reacting sharpens concentration.

29. Understanding characters and experimenting with human nature allows for an emotional outlet.

30. A lot of people don’t know that actors have to be physically fit. Every class involves a physical warm up, so that we can step into any character that is expected of them.

31. Studying acting goes hand in hand with learning about the industry and therefore, film, theatre, and people of the arts, this leads to to appreciation for arts/culture.

32. A variety of scripts and topics often sparks conversation and develops debating skills.

33. Watching others perform and hearing direction can help develop their critical reflection skills.

34. With the reading, conversation and cultural benefits it has been proven to improve academics and grades.

35. A sense of community and belonging. With all of the rehearsals that sometimes feel like therapy, you tend to get close very quickly to your class friends/colleagues and they are usually beautiful friendships that you haven't been able to find elsewhere.

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