We are passionate about delivering incredible, professional acting training for screen & theatre, whilst encouraging our students to be themselves and make friends for life. 

One of our primary goals is to impress the professional industry with our skilled, kind and mature students and be the 'go to' place for agents and casting directors! We are well on our way to achieving this goal! 

Taught entirely by trained actors, directors and other exciting current industry professionals. We include 3/4 visiting workshops every term (all included in the price.)


Summer Term: 

19th April - 29th June

Half term break: 1st & 2nd June

Autumn Term: 

27th September - 7th December

Half term break: 25th & 26th October

Next Audition: 

16th September 2021

Ages 14 - 17

Mondays | 5.30-7.30pm


Ages 10 - 13

Tuesdays | 5.30-7.30pm


Ages 10 - 13

THURSDAYS | 11 week term

5.15-7.00pm | £220


Ages 14 - 17

THURSDAYS | 10 week term

7.00-8.45pm | £220


What is a workshop?

The students experience at least three workshops every term. These are visiting industry professionals that focus on a particular skill. For example, comedy, Shakespeare, acting for film, stage/screen combat etc.

Will I do any performing?

YPS is all about providing as many different experiences as possible! Each term the student will have a chance to act in front of the camera, of which they will receive footage or perform for friends and family. 

What is the difference between the older and younger class?

Each class will receive similar training and experiences but the technique in which it is taught may differ. Script materials also differ to enable maximum enjoyment as well as age appropriation.

Can I apply if I don't want to get into acting professionally?

Our classes are popular with young people that are interested in acting, performing, a career in acting or a child/teenager that needs a boost in confidence, social skills and public speaking skills. 

When are the auditions?

We hold auditions before every term. If you want to read about why we audition and the process, click me. 


Still have questions? Fire away and send us an email.